Plan of Control

The following Plan of Control includes descriptions of the geologic hazard and a plan for the prevention, mitigation, abatement or control of the hazard and the limitations and exclusions of the district.

Best Practices

A GHAD is an independent, state-level public agency that oversees geologic hazard prevention, mitigation, abatement and control. GHADs operate with a focus on the prevention of geologic hazards.

Documents & LInks

The Blackhawk GHAD strives to provide the community with in-depth information. Please visit our documents & links page to view annual reports and budget information.

Community Discussion

What others are saying:

The Blackhawk Homeowners Association and the Blackhawk GHAD have worked together for over 27 years. For 15 years as the manager of this community, it has been my pleasure to interact with the GHAD as they provide ongoing geologic hazard monitoring and landslide response.

Melissa Manzo

Blackhawk Community Manager

Prevention is the best cure, The GHAD is monitoring water levels, and hillsides throughout the year – which helps lower the risk of landslides in our neighborhoods.

Robert Desautels

Resident of Blackhawk

For many years now the Blackhawk Country Club has worked collaboratively and successfully with the GHAD. Having an agency to provide for geologic hazards has been an invaluable asset for our club and our community.

Kevin Dunne

General Manager – Blackhawk Country Club

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